Travel Plan

I offer a unique Travel Plan that takes care of all details and costs to bring a person home if they die more than 75 miles away from home. Protection is world wide. As long as a person lives in the United States or Canada, they can purchase this plan from me. Many people purchase this program for their entire family. Business owners have purchased this for all their employees as an incentive or acknowledgment for their dedicated service.

This is a low-cost life time protection for peace of mind wherever you go in the world. If you relocate, you simply put in a change of address.

When we speak, I can share stories of people who purchased the plan and died away from home. The family had the luxury of grieving and celebrating a life rather than having to bear the financial, time, and emotional burden of dealing with a sudden death in another state or another country.

The actor who played Tony Soprano died suddenly in Italy. The family was having a very hard time getting the Italian government to release his body. They prevailed upon Bill and Hillary Clinton to talk with the Italian government to expedite releasing him to the family. If he had had the Travel Plan, the family would not have had to call the Clintons. Our company would have handled all the details.


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