Letter of Professional Service


Dear Linda Rose,
I am writing you to thank you for your help with me and my son’s final arrangements. I need to tell a story that will let you know how much I appreciated your services.

Almost three years ago I was standing in the Castle Emergency Room. I had just been told that my 45 year old son was dying. Luckily the emergency doctors were able to save him. It was a big wakeup call for both of us.

I had not made any arrangements for myself or my son. I knew that you provided services for people to make their final arrangements. I called you and made an appointment for myself and my son. When we met my son was very reluctant to think about me dying. You were able to talk to him and help him become comfortable with taking care of our final arrangements now. By taking care of our final arrangements ahead of time, when the time came to take care of me it would all have been arranged. He would not have to worry about doing anything. I would also not have to worry about him.

Linda Rose, you have such a quiet and gentle way of helping people take care of something that is so hard to do. Your counsel is so valuable and reassuring. Making sure all details are taken care of. Thank you so much for all you did for us.

Dorothy R.